About Us

Sharda Grafix is a venture that Mr Dinesh Kathuria set on at the age of 18 in 1987. It is not only a printing and packaging firm; it’s a family that strives to achieve state-of-the-art quality while adhering to the promise of timely delivery of all products.

Our Products

31 years since our inception, with machinery up to date with industry standards, orchestrated by our abled foremen we indulge in crafting tags, stickers, barcodes, jewelry cards, woven labels, printed labels, inner-boxes, pamphlets, catalogue etc.

Belief System

At the core of Sharda Grafix is an ardent desire to uphold the institution of education, as we believe that inculcating our family and those alike with knowledge is the only way forward. Degradation of the environment is a detrimental predicament that we acknowledge and contribute to its improvement by using eco-friendly Oeko Tex certified inks and an exquisite waste management system in place.

Clients And Customer Relations

We’ve had close ties with Monsoon-Accessorize for the past 31 years and are their nominated supplier. As of today we are exporting for Monsoon, Esprit, Bijoux Terner to name a few.

With our management team in conjunction with the rest of our family we succeed at providing service that all our buyers can attest to with reverence and veraciousness inherent in our communication system; for we believe in mutual growth and development of everyone involved

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