Sensomatic Tags

The Advanced Performance (AP) Sheet Label delivers reliable performance and merchandise protection using proven Sensormatic technology. This AM EAS label features a robust design for consistent deactivation at the point-of-sale (POS) and reliable performance, even when exposed to environmental stressors including shipping and handling.

Available for in-store hand application, this label can also be applied to merchandise at the point of manufacturing so retailers can receive floor-ready merchandise with consistent label placement-expediting receiving and selling floor fulfillment.


  •   Utilizes proven Sensormatic AM technology and manufacturing process to provide reliable detection performance
  •   Quality materials and precision manufacturing help deliver consistent deactivation at the POS
  •   Small label footprint minimizes impact on brand promotion and important product information
  •   Robust construction provides optimal merchandise protection
  •   Works well on packages that contain liquids, foils and in metal shopping carts

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